FAQs for NGOs

Why should an NGO register with aidbees for the TCSW 10K 2023?

Below mentioned are the key features of the TCSW 1OK 2023 philanthropic platform:

  • All the funds raised on the aidbees platform will be directly transferred to the NGOs. This makes it one of the most cost-effective fundraising platforms for NGOs.
  • Almost 25% of running slots are reserved for charity, which are equitably divided among the participating NGOs to raise funds for their causes.
  • The platform is designed to leverage fundraising opportunities among interested runners, companies and fundraisers.

How can an NGO participate in the TCSW 10K to raise funds?

In order to participate, click here, fill the form and submit the details to aidbees for further consideration. After the verification by aidbees, the NGO will receive a login ID and Password. Post which follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to the website using the same credentials
  2. Update your organisation details and upload the soft copy of the required documents for further verification
  3. Once verified, you will be required to complete your registration process for the TCSW 10K 2023
  4. Once completed, you will be required to download the form, sign and stamp
  5. You will also be required to attach a cheque of INR 8,000 (registration fees) in the name of Aidbees Corporate Private Limited

    Bank Details: Account Name- Aidbees Corporate Private Limited Account Number- 058105006620 IFSC Code- ICIC0000581

  6. Please note that registration with aidbees, the Official Philanthropy Partner, as a "Listed NGO" for the TCSW 10K 2023 is subject to submission of the above mentioned form and cheque, validation and confirmation of the uploaded documents, and realization of transfer of INR 8,000 as registration fees if availed.

Which NGOs are eligible to raise funds through this event?
NGOs who fulfill the requirements of the documents as mentioned here are eligible to register for the TCSW 10K 2023. After receiving the registration request, aidbees conducts a due diligence of the NGOs. After the verification process is complete, the registered NGOs are listed here.
Can a non-Bengaluru based NGO register for TCSW 10K?
Yes, all NGOs registered in India can register for the event
Can an NGO based outside of India participate in TCSW 10K?
No, NGOs not registered in India cannot register for the event.
How is being featured on aidbees website helpful for the NGO?
aidbees features all the registered NGOs for the event on its website. TCSW 10K is a time when hundreds of individuals, corporates and donors visit the aidbees website daily, as they look for causes and NGOs to support. Being featured on the website is the best way to reach out to these prospective donors, and raise the maximum possible funds through this platform.
What are the fundraising avenues for an NGO through TCS WORLD 10K 2023?

Direct Donation on NGO Page:

On registering for the TCSW 10K, each NGO gets a unique personalized page on the aidbees website. The page displays the NGO's appeal, contact details, the previous year's fund utilization (if applicable), the total amount raised, the fundraisers supporting the NGO, and the NGO's privilege level. The NGO page also features a donate button, allowing the NGO to receive online donations from their supporters on aidbees website. 100% of the funds raised on this page are disbursed to the NGO as aidbees.

Individual Fundraisers

Any Individual (who may or may not be running at the TCS World 10K can collect donations for an NGO by creating a campaign page on the aidbees website and reaching out to friends, family, and peers. The fundraiser pages contain various features that support and help the fundraiser raise funds efficiently.

Corporate Teams

Corporate Team is a category specially designed for companies who wish to field employee teams to participate in the TCS World 10K run and raise funds for their NGO(s). Besides passing substantial funds through CSR for various projects, this has emerged as an excellent employee engagement and team bonding activity over the years. Similar to the NGO page and Individual Fundraising Page, a donate button is available on the corporate page, where the corporates can raise funds through employee contribution in support of the selected by the corporate

Incentives and Grants

Includes a list of indicators that recognize and encourage the efforts of participating NGOs and provide a roadmap to leverage the fundraising platform of the TCS World 10K fully. Each of these indicators translates into a point for the NGO. These points allow NGOs to reach various levels known as Privilege Levels. Each level has privileges and incentives for the NGO, including capacity-building grants.

Can an NGO pay race fees for the runner?

Yes, NGOs can pay the runner race fees.

The NGO can pay the race fee offline by submitting a cheque of race fee in favor of ‘Procam International Pvt. Ltd.’ to aidbees with the aidbees Bib ID written on the back of the cheque along with the bib summary sheet. NGOs will then receive a Prepaid Voucher code and a unique link for runner registration. In case, the cheque is not honored, the bib will not be issued to the runner.

NGO can also choose to pay the race fee online through the Postpaid voucher code. Once the donation towards the bib is processed, the NGO will receive a Postpaid Voucher code and unique link for runner registration. In this case, NGO will have to fill the runner registration online form on behalf of their runner and pay the race fee using their debit/ credit card/ net banking.

Why are the race fees being charged separately?

The race fee is a separate component which is charged based on the actual number of individual participants in the event. The same cannot be considered as a part of the donation made by you as it is a cost against a service provided by the event promoter; in this case, the bib and other arrangements made for an individual to participate in the race. Therefore, it is charged separately by the event promoter – Procam International Pvt. Ltd. at the time of registration on a separate website.

If we find a runner who is willing to support our cause, do we have to fund his/ her training?
Most of the time, the runner himself/ herself will find a trainer. The NGOs could also assist in finding a trainer. This has to be worked out with the runner(s).
Is there an email id where we can further clarify our doubts?

Yes. All queries can be mailed to & and they will be answered


  • The Grand Launch of TCS World 10K, Bengaluru 2024 echoed #ForeverBengaluru in unison
  • The Grand Launch of TCS World 10K, Bengaluru 2024 echoed #ForeverBengaluru in unison

    On the 14th of February 2024, at the ITC Windsor - the ethos of #ForeverBengaluru echoed as running enthusiasts and partners joined in for a Grand Launch of the 2024 leg of the Race. The event promoters "Procam International” and other partners for the event came together to unveil the Race Day (28th April 2024) and the venue as well. This event also officially opened the Runner's Registration. If you wish to make a difference by running and fundraising for a cause this year, click on "Individual Fundraising” on this website!
  • New Features Introduced For Philanthropy in the 2024 edition: More Ways To Make A Difference
  • New Features Introduced For Philanthropy in the 2024 edition: More Ways To Make A Difference

    At the Launch Event of the TCS World 10K, aidbees CEO Zamrooda Khanday unveiled the new philanthropic additions to this year’s Run. With an upgraded and exclusive Corporate Tent, the Run will also have employees fundraising in the name of their company. The addition of Charity Bibs and Top Up donations will allow everyone running on the track to contribute in some way. There has been an addition of a new Kindness Fundraiser category which the Individuals can aim to achieve through their targets. To know everything that’s new this year - head over to our website or check the Philanthropy structure from the "Downloads” section.
  • NGO Registrations for TCSW 10K, Bengaluru 2024 are now open!
  • NGO Registrations for TCSW 10K, Bengaluru 2024 are now open!

    Bangalore air was filled with exuberance on December 1st, 2023 as aidbees, the official philanthropy partner kick-started the event formalities for the 2024 edition. With a Meet Up & Philanthropy Workshop for over 45 prospective participating non profits, TCSW 10K, Bengaluru is all set to return in 2024 with many more things to look forward to. NGOs can register for the Run and start fundraising by visiting
  • Philanthropy Structure Released for the 2024 edition of the TCS World 10K, Bengaluru
  • Philanthropy Structure Released for the 2024 edition of the TCS World 10K, Bengaluru

    With a zeal to make a difference and promote social welfare, the aspect of Philanthropy during running events has been extremely important. Following the same thread, the organisers Procam International and Philanthropy Partner aidbees released the various philanthropic structures for the 2024 edition of the TCS World 10K in Bengaluru. The detailed structure for NGOs, Corporates and Individuals along with the fundraiser registration details can be found in the "Downloads” Section

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