This fundraising category celebrates young philanthropists and their commitment to make a difference. Fundraisers below the age of 18 years (as on 29th April 2024) and fundraising a minimum amount of INR 1,00,000 for their chosen NGO/s fall under this category and are entitled to the following incentives.

Young Leaders reaching their minimum target.

  • Top 10 Young Leaders will be featured on the Wall of Change at the Get Active Expo and the Event Media Center.
  • Event tees to top 10 Young Leaders (subject to available sizing).
  • Top 5 Young Leaders will be promoted on the event’s social media handles.
  • Race day photograph (digital copy) – only where photograph is captured by the official photographer, OneGlint.

Young Leaders completing their minimum target by 10th May 2024.

  • Top 10 Young Leaders get a shout-out on social media from the Event.
  • Appreciation Certification from the Event recognizing their fundraising efforts.
  • Mention in the post Event Docket. The highest fundraising Young Leader will be featured in the Event Docket.
  • TCSW 10K 2024 Philanthropy Award to only the top 2 fundraising Young Leaders.
  • Invitation to the top 3 fundraising Young Leaders at the awards function.

Important: Where a Young Leader raises funds more than INR 1.75 lakh, s/he will be entitled to the benefits reserved for the relevant Kindness Fundraiser category/ies.



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