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Odisha Rising Foundation is participating in the TCS World 10K Bengaluru Marathon to raise awareness on Mother Tongue Based Learning Education(MTBLE) and use this platforms to collect funds from the well-wishers and supporter so that we can provide quality education to tribal children located in interior villages and hamlets.

NEED OF FUNDS --- In Government Schools, children are taught in Odia in Odisha which is challenging for more than 2.5 lakh tribal children from more than 1700 schools whose mother tongue is not Odia. There are 21 officially recognized tribal languages in Odisha though Odia is the State language. The context of textbooks is also unfamiliar to tribal children, leaving them unable to fully comprehend classroom teaching and activities. This has direct effect on retention and learning outcomes of children. Further, there is inadequate training, pedagogy and material support for teachers to deal with diverse classroom environments. Teachers lack the capacity to effectively deal with multilingual and multicultural classrooms. ----

The magnitude and complexity of the linguistic problem in India is immense as it is a diverse country with numerous languages and dialects. Further, there has been a linguistic erosion in our country. There is a need to promote these languages. ----

ORF's INTERVENTION ----- Mother tongue-based education a must for indigenous kids to mainstream them. A sustainable solution to the above problem were diagnosed by Odisha Rising Foundation with the participatory inputs from parents, teachers, SMCC, school officials and students and that has resulted in designing an innovative project called Mo Vaasa (My Language). ------

Project Mo Vaasa (PMV) intends to address the language issues faced by tribal students in early grades or elementary classes and prepare them to adapt Mother-Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTBMLE) in schools and 1Re Tuition Centers. Through this project, we are planning to impact more than 1000 children in the first phase from 15 Schools/Centre of Lamtaput Block of Koraput District. ---- The PMV is designed to address language gaps during early learning and to promote the growth of indigenous languages and culture in the state while developing cognitive, social, physical and mental abilities of young children leading to an easy assimilation into formal schooling. Children at early learning stages were provided education through Mother Tongue based Transition Curriculum – an innovative pedagogic initiative, training modules, assessment tools to track students’ activities, and teaching/learning materials in 10 Indigenous languages to bridge the language gap. -----


Help us raise funds for our specific needs.

Provide Mother Tongue Based Learning Education to 1000 tribal children
THE NEED OF THE PROJECT --- Project Mo Vaasa(PMV) aimed to optimize and consolidate learnings in mother tongue based Early Childhood Education and is an educational approach in which children start learning in their mother tongue in early grades with a gradual transition to Odia and other languages. With this approach, children develop strong competence in their mother tongue which becomes helpful for them to learn second and other languages at higher classes from 3rd to 5th standard onwards. The most important aspect of Mother-Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTBMLE) is that it helps save endangered tribal languages. ----- Students easily learn a second language after gaining proficiency in the first language. Primary education in a child’s first language or mother tongue is crucial to early learning and considered as most effective strategy for developing strong academic foundations and a base for acquiring proficiency in other languages. Project Mo Vaasa - Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MBTMLE), helps the children’s transits to additional languages gradually. The use of mother tongue as medium of imparting education in early grades enable children to develop a strong education foundation through beginning in the language the learners know best, building on the knowledge and experience they bring to the classroom, and enhance confidence and self-esteem. ----- Through this project, we intend to impact more than 3000 tribal children so that they continue their studies and become a productive citizen.


Utilization summary of funds raised last year in TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2023

1. Project - Project Ezer - A mental health and wellness initiative of ORF
Amount Utilised (INR)465600
Project DescriptionOdisha Rising Foundation works in the space of providing mental health care support to our adolescent children studying in the Government schools, youths in our skill training centres and women from SHGs by providing counselling, awareness training, education and clinical referral support so that no one should feel left out and alone. ORF helps people access mental, physical, interpersonal, social recovery and assists with the necessary resources in various rural and urban settings. It provides emergency and community-based mental health interventions to aid people on their paths towards overall well-being. It promotes best practices through collaborations with governmental and non-profit initiatives. Here people can access emergency and critical care services, obtain food, shelter and clothing alongside health, reintegration and aftercare services. It emphasises on grassroots approach to eliminate stigma and provide educational, medical, and moral support to patients with mental illness in rural India We organise campaigns, events and workshops in schools, colleges and corporates to raise awareness on the importance of mental wellness and wellbeing. ORF offers an anonymous peer-to-peer support system that provides a safe space for people to open up about their issues and ensure that mental health treatment and resources are accessible to all.
impactThe funds raised through TCS BW10K were used to spread the cause of mental health in Odisha by conducting training and awareness camp for school children, college going youths and working adults. 12 Trainings, 15 Camps and 30 Virtual Classes were organized to advocate the cause of mental health for children, teachers, community leaders and trainers. More than 3000 children, 3200 youths and 1300 professionals were benefitted from EZER project. We would like to thank our fundraisers, donors, runners and volunteers for their unflinching support to expand the cause of mental health and wellness amongst youths and children.

Odisha Rising Foundation is an impact driven organisation that focuses more on delivering high impact projects using technology as an enabler to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth. ORF partner with different stakeholders to curate, connect, catalyse and communicate the idea of new Odisha that is emerging beyond its big cities and penetrating its roots in rural and tribal belt to facilitate the change process on the ground swiftly. We connect Government to ideas, ideas to action and communities to Government to create a sustainable and inclusive state for all.

Contact Person: Akhaya Sagar
Email: aksagar@odisharising.in
Phone: 9861367461

A big thank you to all those who have donated on this page.

Akhaya Sagar
Hareesh Ramasubramanian
Arun Rajaraman
Gunapriya R
Kothandapani K C
Yashpalsinh Jadeja
Parag Kulkarni
Varghese Abraham
Swanand Warang
Priya Manani
Gershom Daniel
Mohankumar Durairaj
Pradeep Krisnan Nair
Umasankar Nistala
Ganesh Pillai
Prem Kumar N
Anandavel J
Rosorika Angom
Deepika V
Praveen Balakrishnan
Manjunath Hegde
Joseph Nadar
Sunil Matle
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Sachin Wagh
Mamtha Gupta
Pia Nakhua
Saikrishna Rao
Shanthi Rajesh
Robin Issac
Dharmajit Sarangi
Pradeep Sekar
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Sanjay Kumar Verma
Avani Mehta
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RajeshKumar Thangavelu
Martin Dyana Mary
Akhil Verma
Prasanth Rajendran
Oomang Bablani
Vijay Nair
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Arunachalam Alagappan
Biji John
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Rajesh Karuvat
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Gaurav Upreti
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Arun Narayan
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